Mary-Catharine's XO quilt"From the first top I brought her Mary-Ann has always incorporated my ideas and requests while elevating the final quilt with her quilting. Whether I ask for a simple all over design or more elaborate custom work Mary-Ann never fails to deliver beautiful quilting that I'm happy to gift to family and friends. I look forward to working with Mary-Ann on future quilts and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a long arm quilter."Mary-Catharine, Thunder Bay
"When I brought my quilt to Mary-Ann I wanted an extra special pattern stitched on the quilt. The quilt was a gift for a family member and I wanted something unique that would compliment the fabric/pattern used in the quilt and where the fabric came from, what it meant to me. I didn't know what to suggest - but she had some great ideas and when I picked it up the stitch selection was perfect - exactly what I wanted! Her choice suited the quilt so well. I was so happy with it."Sue, Thunder Bay
Jessica's quilt"When I first met Mary-Ann I was just learning about quilting from friends and family. However in a very short time I learned more basic skills from her than I had ever been taught. She explained things so well, she was patient and helped me through all my questions no matter how simple or repetitive. She made learning easy, fun and exciting, she never made me feel foolish and her enthusiasm made me excited to want to learn more. Because of her easy going, informative teaching style and encouraging manner my friend was inspired too and has joined me in this hobby as well - and now we both have lessons with her. I love quilting even more because of her encouragement and gift of instruction. I feel confident to start new patterns and try different skill levels to make even more beautiful projects. We are both coming back to her for further lessons and with all our questions."Jessica G., New/Beginner Quilter
Mary-Catharine's XO quilt"Mary-Ann is the kind of person I want to bring my business to. She goes out of her way to provide quality service. She makes sure she does what I want - she gets to know my wishes, likes and dislikes first before putting any of her own ideas forward. She works to ensure that the quilting pattern is very clearly what I want in my quilt - not what she thinks is best. However the balance to that is there also. If I don't know what I want she is quite creative, she has a great eye for colour selection, pattern suggestion and feedback to reflect what she has learned that I will like. By taking time to get to know me, she has come to be able to perfectly provide what I am looking for - and at such a reasonable price! With so few long arm quilting businesses in Thunder Bay, I am so pleased she is here doing the great work she does."Lisa S., Repeat Long Arm Customer