About the quilter

I'm a new face on the block of longarm quilting in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada!

I have been quilting for over 20 years, learning my basics from my mother-in-law. God Bless traditions being passed down through the generations - for she stirred my heart and planted the seed of quilting. This seed has grown and to this day we still quilt together as often as we can.

Over the years my love for quilting grew while I developed and increased my skills and abilities. I have worked in various shops across Canada and once in the USA - from Toronto, ON, to North Bay, ON, to Kelowna, BC, then back to Fort Frances ON and International Fall MN, USA and have now returned to Thunder Bay where my learning began. Over that time and all those moves I have gained invaluable experience in the art of quilting, teaching/quilt instruction as well as the retail end of the business. Thanks to the various talented people and generous spirits who have shared all they know and love with me I am better able to do the work I do.

Now at this point in my work life, the kids have grown into their independence, so it is my time to have a chance to work on my dream. And here I am at the beginning stages of this dream - to help others move their unfinished objects (UFO's) into what they had intended them to be. Over the years there have been two things that have grown exponentially along with my ability - and that would be my stash (of course, no quilter is without one) and my UFO's. I can see you nodding your head in agreement too. And as I am not one to try to fit a queen size quilt into my domestic machine I fell in love with the longarm quilting method. While living and working in Kelowna 10 years ago, I was introduced to long arm quilting and I fell in love with it. That spurred me on to want to do this someday for myself. With a goal to learn to longarm quilt and an expanded dream to someday own my own quilt shop I "dreamt" of what the would look like, talked to fellow quilters about it and discussed how things would run. But the kids were young and so was my husband's career. Thus armed with energy and passion for the hobby I dreamed of that day.

Over the last year and a half I have been led in my life away from my traditional line of work to a new path. I have a great belief in a higher power and hold fast to the notion "that which we focus on is what we draw unto ourselves". And so I focused on growth in my life, change for the better, dreamed of colours and creating. There were days when I would walk into my sewing room just to touch the fabric and be energized by my collection and their soothing colours - and in turn the stress of my job would wash away as I was inspired to do another quilt or project to give to someone. Over the last year and half things have resulted in the first part of my dream coming to fruition - this longarm quilting business. Further to that while on a spirituality conference, it came to mind "as you sow so shall you reap" and this spurred me on to pursue this life change. And in turn it also became the name of my business ~ with a twist of course!

So here I begin in my home-based business. I look forward to the honour of working on your projects to help them move to completion. Feel free to contact me any time with questions or concerns. I would enjoy hearing from you.